Food Feature: Station Pizzeria Serves Fresh, Delicious Homemade Slices

Photo Courtesy of Station Pizzeria

Photo Courtesy of Station Pizzeria

Photo Courtesy of Station Pizzeria

Colette Benoit, Staff Writer

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Dominoes and Pizza Hut might be the norm for pizza delivery, but new pizza restaurants have been moving away from “fast-food-style pizza” and providing an arguably  more pleasant customer experience in a sit-down environment.

One embodiment of this new style is Station Pizzeria, a restaurant opened last year and located about ten minutes from Minnetonka High School .

Co-Owner of Station Pizzeria, Jake Sehfir, shared that Station Pizzeria “was once a gas station” and thinks that this makes it stand out. Unlike most other pizza places that make their own sauce, dough, and use natural ingredients, Station Pizzeria also delivers. The restaurant also has vegetarian options for both pizzas and salads that go beyond the basics.

Despite its former life as a gas station, the pizzeria has transformed into a warm and well-designed space filled with wood, plants, painted  brick and even a crystal chandelier.

“Station Pizzeria is a great place for almost anyone to eat at. During the day, it is busy with families, but at night they often have live music, appealing to the older teen and young adult crowd…[It has] a cozy, trendy vibe, and is [a place] no one should pass up,” Sidney Dickinson, ‘21, commented.

The restaurant serves pasta, salad, appetizers and desserts along with their traditional pies.

“Station prides itself on having great service, having friendly staff members, and good pizza,” Sehfir added.

Pay Station Pizzeria a visit, or call and order for some delicious bites. Station Pizzeria is located at 13008 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55305.

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