Restaurant Options That Provide Variety to a Vegan and Vegetarian Diet


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Josh Poppie, Staff Writer

Eating out and finding a reliable diet when you have dietary restrictions is difficult, as any vegan, vegetarian or otherwise can tell you. I’ve spoken to a few people with dietary restrictions and asked them about their struggles with eating well within their limits, and below are some great ideas for what to eat and where to eat.

J. Selby’s – The menu at J. Selby’s in St. Paul is entirely vegan. It includes items such as plant-based burgers, salads, sandwiches, bowls, cauliflower-based wings, and chili. It’s been described as “sort of a Panera bread level of dining out… which is good for cravings of junk food.”

Sen Yai Sen Leck Thai – This restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis specializes in authentic and delicious Thai food, with separate menus for vegetarians and those who don’t eat gluten. Items include a variety of noodle, rice and sticky rice dishes, most of which are vegetarian and gluten-free. Perhaps it’s too far a drive to grab a meal during lunch, but they are described on the website as “perfect for a relaxing evening out” and are open until 10 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Galactic Pizza – Serving around 15 different types of pizza, Minneapolis’ Galactic Pizza is a goofily styled and environmentally conscious pizza place. Their pizzas are available to be made gluten free, dairy free, vegan or vegetarian, with meat and cheese substitutes, and they’re open until 11 PM.

People’s Organic – Only an eleven-minute drive will bring you from the high school to this eatery, which boasts a variety of all-day breakfast dishes, sandwiches, soups, salads and coffee. Several items are made vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Ingredients are sourced from seven local farms, and the company is invested in sustainable practices, supporting local artists that contribute to People’s Organic decor and pursuing environmentally conscious objectives by the company’s founder.

Pizza Luce – The final entry in the list is a pizza place with not only fourteen different kinds of pizzas, but also personalized pizzas and a plethora of different types of salads, hoagies, pasta, desserts and sides. Almost all the pizzas are gluten-free upon request, and most other categories have gluten-free and vegan options also.

These restaurants and many others are very accommodating to people with dietary restrictions. It can be hard for vegans and vegetarians to find options that suit them, but restaurants are increasingly working to provide food that fits into any diet. Hopefully, as more people choose vegan and vegetarian diets, all restaurants will be able to accommodate them.