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Why You Wait So Long in the Counseling Office

Why You Wait So Long in the Counseling Office

Sarah Johnsen, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

During my four years at MHS, I’ve never had a counseling appointment start on time. In a school where we’re taught the importance of being present, I always felt that it was hypocritical how much class...

The Ultimate Sport

Amelia Klemme, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

For a sport invented a little over fifty years ago, Ultimate has grown exponentially. Starting as a series of similar yet unrelated games involving hurling projectiles, then as a single joke team at Columbia...

Sabrina Pietrafitta

Getting Caught in the Web

Catherine Rile, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

Social media has become an essential part in the lives of nearly every teenager. It allows people to share photos and videos, chat with one another and stay connected. However, it should come as no surprise...

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AI: Big Brother?

Ava Hefferon, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

It’s Friday morning, and I finally wake up to my alarm after slamming snooze three times. I see a notification on my phone reading “My AI” from Snapchat. “What is this?” I think. Upon further...

Simran Kaur

APs and IBs: What are the Rewards for the Struggle?

Sophia Ugorets, Staff Writer May 5, 2023

Minnetonka High School is a competitive school which offers a variety of courses ranging in difficulty. If a student hasn’t yet taken a college-level course, it may seem daunting. College-level content,...

Catherine Komp

Backpage April 2023

Catherine Komp, Backpage Editor May 5, 2023

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