The Volunteers of Heart Weeks and Their Perspective

Mac Martin

Heart Week is a week that a lot of kids look forward to. There are the dress up days, the singing telegrams, the cupids, and last of all the dance. But what about the parent volunteers that help out during the week? They don’t participate in the dress up days or the dance, so what do they think about Heart Week and why do they participate in the volunteering aspect? Something has to draw them to volunteer and one parent volunteer, Jennifer Johnson, said “its fun to see the kids and to see them excited about the activities going on”. With all the kids bustling around and all the activities, it makes for a great scene. Watching all the kids going from class to class through the Commons can be memorizing. But it all isn’t about watching kids walk around. Maybe its just about your kid, Sarah Dillion says part of the reason she volunteers is that she “can see her kids and her kids friends”. This is one of the most honest responses I heard while asking these people questions. For each and everyone of the volunteers there is at least the littlest bit of curiosity of seeing what you child does at school or who they hang out with at school. Kids may think thats a bit weird, but when you become a parent you will understand. Although keeping your eye on your kid might be a little bit of why you would volunteer, many of the parents said overall they do it because its all about giving back to the community, Jennifer Johnson said it’s “great for the kids to give back”. It may seem like when you buy that cupid that it will be fun to watch your friend or lovebird be serenaded by a group burly men singing John Legends “All of Me”, but instead you are actually helping out a family in need. You may see this week as a fun week of dress up days and valentines but these parent volunteers see this week much differently than you do. They see it as a great way of giving back to the people around you.