Minnetonka Women’s Gymnastics Defies Gravity in Their Current Season


Tonka Girls' Gymnastics

Danielle Lorenz, Staff Writer

Gymnastics is a sport that goes well beyond flips and pretty dance moves. While it may seem not all that challenging, it requires a feat of strength and carefully placed movements. Its history traces all the way back to Ancient Greek history. The famous Spartan warriors performed calisthenic regimens for cross-training purposes to make themselves as strong as humanly possible. These moves then carried over into modern day gymnastics.

Now, gymnastics is now a worldwide sport known for being very demanding and difficult. Of course, the intense practice regimen does not stop our Minnetonka women from excelling. Many of the women on the team have been training for years.

“I have been in gymnastics since I was two years old,” said Sydney Heins, ‘22.

Unfortunately, within many years of arduous training for an intense sport, many injuries take place. There are a multitude of ways for gymnasts to encounter injuries. The smallest misstep could result in a life-changing injury.

“This summer, I tore a ligament in my wrist and was told that I needed surgery to fix it,” said Heins. After the injury, Heins was told that she could never do gymnastics again, but her undying love for the sport and supportive teammates gave her the courage to do something many would have never dreamed possible: compete one-handed. She has continued to increase her difficulty with her skills and earn points for her team. All the women on the team have had to push through tough obstacles to continue the sport they love.

Along with being an individual sport, “the girls have to work together as a team” says assistant coach Dicky Thompson.

Working together more than for 12.5 hours every week creates a very strong bond within the team and helps them perform better.

“We are going to hit our stride soon and excel more than any team ever has,” said Thompson.

The Minnetonka Gymnastics team will host the Section 6AA gymnastics finals this year. Make sure to show up and cheer them on;  it will be a great competition.