Spotlight on Performance Dance Teams

Amelia Klemme, Staff Writer

Minnetonka boasts two dance teams, so that as one finishes up its season the next can take its place. Last year, the winter competition team competed at sections and watched several performers at All-State. This fall, the performance dance team became a highlight of football games. They trained for nine weeks in order to put on shows from the football season kickoff scrimmage in August to the performance dance showcase in October.

Minnetonka stands out from other schools in many ways, and the dance team does that on its own. Varsity performance dancer Maya Hawley, ‘24, credits the team’s “drive and determination that makes us stand out from the rest.” Sonya Hendrickson, ‘25, also attributes their great performances to their “amazing coaches that push us to our full potential.”

In addition, Minnetonka has nearly twice the number of dancers than other teams, with close to one hundred between both JV and Varsity. In comparison, many other schools have less than sixty. Bigger numbers allow for Minnetonka to push their dancers harder while establishing community and teamwork. 

Even without statistics from competing to back them up, the performance dancers had a great season. For many, football games were a huge highlight, where JV first readied the crowd for a great game and Varsity entertained at halftime. “It was amazing to see a sea of so many people cheering us on every time we performed,” says Hawley. 

After performing at football games, pepfest, the homecoming parade and showcase, Hendrickson says that one of their biggest successes was that “not only do our dances look amazing at our performances, the coaches and captains create an amazing season for everyone and we all grow as dancers and people.” 

Their last performance was at Eden Prairie High School in mid October in order to set the stage for the Minnetonka competition dance team. Kick and jazz dancers who’ve already begun practicing will compete multiple times before sections and state in February. 

For those with “a lot of dedication, strength, and determination,” as Hawley says are some of the most important aspects of MHS performers, auditions for the 2022-2023 season for both teams will be held this spring.