Wyatt Mosiman
Hello! Please enjoy the one good photo of me. My name is Wyatt Mosiman, and this year I’m the Editor in Chief of Breezes (well, Co-Editor in Chief, one for snacks and one for wisecracks). In previous years I’ve been a Copy Editor and a Commentary Editor. Outside of Breezes, you can often find me hanging out with friends in the Writing Center, where I’ve worked as a coach for three years. I’m also starting Origami Club this year, so I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze Star Wars into my schedule—sorry guys. I enjoy downhill skiing, cats, cacti, writing, being with friends, dogs, Star Wars, Mexican food, raincoats, origami, shirts that are gray and shorts that are red, IB, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, playing cello, fun socks, and the Oxford Comma.

Wyatt Mosiman, Editor-in-Chief

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