Keeping Up with MHS Staff: Interviewing Darryl Schorle from the Cove

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Keeping Up with MHS Staff: Interviewing Darryl Schorle from the Cove

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For those who don’t know Darryl Schorle, he is one of the stars of the Cove. Through an interview with him, I was able to get a glimpse of his amazing life and his eight years at the Cove. He shared everything, including personal and life-changing moments. In dedication to Schorle’s years at Minnetonka, I asked students to describe him in their own words.

Kathryn Benkovich, ‘19, says that Schorle is “always friendly to everyone and nice to talk to.”

In reference to students, Schorle said, “It’s a great job to be around students. I had other jobs, that I thought were my dream jobs, but this one is more satisfying because you get to have an impact on your customer. I go in each day to have an impact on at least one student, and if I can do that, that’s big. That means I succeeded in my day and hopefully helped someone else.”

Linnea Kronzer, ‘19, says Schorle is “one of [her] favorite staff members and has good costumes.”

Schorle is well known for his humor and jokes. He convinced me that the main reason behind serving banana bread is because of its nutritious value.

In his own words, “chocolate is a bean, which is a vegetable, which means ketchup would really be a smoothie.”

It’s no surprise that his favorite snack at the Cove is “the chocolate chip cookies.”

Connor Hansen, ‘19, admires that Schorle “is able to predict what people want to order and recognizes people by name.”

“To be able to come in and have fun with the students and share the respect they have for us and we have for them is great,” Schorle says.

It is important for students at Minnetonka to have facility members to connect with during the school day, and Schorle is that person for many students. The relationship he creates is about more than just food; it’s about  students having someone to talk to during their time at Minnetonka. Schorle remembers students and who they are. It may seem like a small gesture to some students but it creates a big impact and makes MHS more communal.

So, the next time you stop by the Cove for your daily banana bread or snapple, remember to say a quick “hi” and give a smile. We promise it will brighten your day.

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