A General Ranking of Herbal Teas

Liam Boris, Managing Editor, Student Life

As the temperature continues to decrease, the general demand and utilization of herbal teas increases. Herbal teas are great for relaxation and are also natural remedies for infirmities. Although all herbal teas are excellent, some are better than others.

At the top of the list is mountain tea. Mountain tea is a popular drink in the Balkans (Greece, Serbia, Albania, etc.), and is made with pine needles. Nothing feels cozier than drinking mountain tea on a rainy day in a café  that overlooks the Saronic gulf. 

Lemon grass tea is always a win (at least in my book). The natural flavor of lemon grass resembles the citrus taste, but does not include the intense sourness of lemon juice.

Lastly, orange tea is another delicious tea. Similarly to lemon grass tea, orange tea is made from citrus rind, and contains an even sweeter flavor than lemon grass tea.