Upcoming Writer’s Studio

Ben Sosin, Copy Editor

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Photo By: Anna Weber


The second Writer’s Studio is on its way! But before I jump into anything, for anyone who is not familiar with what Writer’s Studio is, it’s an open mic night for literature, open to all students that want to share a piece of literature with their peers (or cheer on their friends that step up to the podium). A “piece” could be anything: a passage from a favorite book, a poem written by Rimbaud, an original poem, even the lyrics to a song by Kanye West.

As the first Writer’s Studio this year was a hit, the second has been scheduled for late February! (Friday, February 26, to be exact.) Although this is still a ways a way and finals are looming near, it might be time to start thinking about what poem or passage you want to perform at the open mic night. This could be a great way to take a break from all the procrastinating on studying for tests.

Here’s an example of an original poem senior Elyse Wanzenreid (pictured above) performed at the last Writer’s Studio!

An unnecessary reply to read receipts

Read 11:23 AM

But at 11:23 AM, did you really read this? Or did your eyes just skim over the words, swallowing them up and leaving no reply. That’s the fantastic thing about you, you’re like talking to a great, big, black, abyss; me tossing words to you to feed your glutinous appetite, you swallowing them wordlessly. Really the ultimate symbiosis if you ask me, truly riveting conversation.


Read 11:23 AM

Excuse me if I get emotional, it’s just… I didn’t know you could read! This is such a big step for you! I have faith that maybe one day, you’ll learn how to reply. Baby steps.


Read 11:23 AM

I know you live 10 minutes from me, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt; I’m sure it’s something like 3 AM your time.


Read 11:23 AM

I can’t wait until society evolves enough that when someone says something in person, we can reply with Read 11:23. Because nothing quite captures pretentious disinterest like gracing someone’s comment with your silence. Truly, nothing can match it. You can tell me in person all you want that “the moon landing was a conspiracy,” or you just want to quickly explain why “the men’s rights activists actually have some good points” but I will greet you with a vacant, Read 11:23.


Read 11:23 AM

I’m sorry that I can’t help but wonder: what were you doing at 11:24 that you couldn’t reply? I don’t mean this selfishly; but all I know is that at 11:18, you were driving, and by 11:25, the asphalt was your sky and you were entombed in twisting metal. All I can hope is that when you slipped away from the ground, you were not left, as I am, with the vacant words: Read 11:23 AM.