High School Expectations Vs. Reality for Freshman Year


Emily Esser

Most freshman are worried about getting lost around MHS, but they'll get it eventually.

Isabella Bennett and Wyatt Mosiman

As September of the 2018-19 school year wraps up, the new freshmen class has finally grown accustomed to the ins and outs of high school life. However, they’re also now realizing it’s not everything that media suggested it would be. Zac Efron lied. Class of 2022, we now speak directly to you.

  1. There is no bigger high school stereotype than cliques. Don’t worry though, this is also the biggest misconception. While some clubs or sports can be rather self-contained, you’d be hard pressed to find a group of people actively excluding others (don’t do it). The year is still young, and so are your high school careers. Get out there, join some activities (*cough*, Breezes), and meet some great new people.
  2. Popularity is also a myth. At a school the size of Minnetonka High School, you’re lucky if you know the names of more than half your class (they’re called classes now, not grades). Who’s popular and who’s not becomes a blur, and you’ll realize that it really doesn’t matter unless you decide to care.
  3. Rachel Thompson, 22’, sums up many freshmen’s fears, saying “I expected to get lost but didn’t.” Although this may have been a problem the first week or so, the layout of the school quickly becomes familiar. Remembering how to get from class to class is no sweat, and finding new routes can be exciting. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll know the whole school like the back of your hand; one day in junior year you’ll find yourself by the back gym and wonder “how did I get here?”
  4. Lockers aren’t a big deal. You won’t gossip at your locker with your friend or peek out from behind the open door to check out that cute kid or slam the door shut dramatically. Odds are you won’t use a locker much at. Quite a few people will never use one all four years, and the school has continuously removed lockers to make space for various upgrades.
  5. High school doesn’t revolve around relationships. Sure, dating can be a lot of fun, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a significant other. Don’t get into a relationship because you feel like you need to be in one; instead, focus on staying ahead in your classes and enjoy spending time with your friends.
  6. Finally, what you wear and what you look like doesn’t really matter. If you want to make an effort in the morning, do it if it makes you feel good about yourself. But if you want to wear the same sweatpants two days in a row, no one is going to take note.

Ava Ronningen, ‘19, said when it came to her expectations for high school, “[I thought it would be] like High School Musical. Legit thought it would be like that.” High school may not be a heavenly place where everyone is constantly breaking into song, and may not even come close in comparison, but you can join the basketball team and be in the school musical at the same time if you so choose.