Looking For A Way To Be Creative And Organized? Try Bullet Journaling

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Looking For A Way To Be Creative And Organized? Try Bullet Journaling

Courtesy of SublimeReflection.com

Courtesy of SublimeReflection.com

Courtesy of SublimeReflection.com

Ray Shehadeh, Staff Writer

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Scrolling down the endless posts on the Instagram discovery page, I stop my search to find myself watching countless videos of bullet journaling. A one-minute Instagram video welcomed a new lifestyle change into my life, all kudos to the one and only bullet journal.

The term ‘bullet journal’ represents the bullet point system that is used to write down quick ideas and to-do lists, but the aesthetically pleasing calligraphy markers, colorful gel pens, and washi tapes are what caught my eyes. Bullet journaling gives an opportunity to express your inner creativity.

A bullet journal is a “an analogue system for the digital age,” Ryder Carroll, the creator of the bullet journal, said. It can be used as a planner, journal, sketchbook, and a place to write down all your ideas and goals. A bullet journal can group multiple functions into one, accessible notebook. This not only allows the mind to focus on one journal, it also aids in cultivating one’s curiosity.  

“I designed it for myself. I’d never knew… it would work with other people. I built a website and shot some videos to teach the system to others in hopes that it would help them the way it helped me,” Carroll said.

At a young age, Carroll was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. His inability to focus on multiple things at the same time drove his discovery of the bullet journal methodology.

Taya Johnson, ‘19, recommends searching bullet journal spreads “on Pinterest and Youtube” to better understand the possibilities available. She says that it “look[s] like a better method…I just saw it as a cool way…to be more organized.”

Bullet journaling is a great way to declutter your mind, focus on important tasks, unleash your creativity, and organize your life. Next time, you will watch my own bullet journal Instagram video when you are scrolling by.


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