My Favorite Restaurants in Minnesota

Chaehyun Lee, Backpage Editor

“Food is Life”

This quote simply summarizes my high school life. Following my immigration to the US, I started to really miss the Asian cuisine I used to enjoy in Korea. For the past few years with my friends and family, I have gone on food trips on weekends to Minneapolis. I’ll share some of my favorite restaurants and their menus.

  1. Le Pot: A Chinese hot pot restaurant in Dinkytown. Choose your soup, and cook the ingredients of your choice in the hot boiling soup to your liking. You can also make your own customized sauces and get boba after a meal from Kung Fu Tea, which is connected to Le Pot. (Photo Courtesy of Ashley Chu)
  2. Bonchon: A Korean restaurant that is most known for its fried chicken. I recommend the half and half combo chicken and the jabchae.  (Photos courtesy of Restaurant Guru)
  3. CrunCheese: A Korean corn dog place. CrunCheese is an expanding chain that originated in Las Vegas but has roots in South Korea, where corn dogs are a popular snack. I recommend the potato mozzarella with sugar and ketchup for toppings. (Photo Courtesy of Sharyn Jackson, Star Tribune)
  4. Quang: A Vietnamese mainstay providing pho, bánh mì, bubble tea and more. I recommend the pho tai and bánh mì. (Photos Courtesy of Quang Restaurant and Eater Twin Cities)

For me, good food is the foundation of genuine happiness and a source of connection and bonding. I have developed amazing relationships with my friends throughout weekly food trips, and I have also become friends with a lot of new people. Why not go on a journey this weekend to find your soul food and soul mates?