About Us

Minnetonka Breezes is the official student newspaper of Minnetonka High School, founded in 1950. Our staff consists of approximately 20 editors, 3 managers, and 30 staff writers. Find a copy of Breezes in one of our newsstands scattered around the school or read our articles online. 2018 marks our ninth year publishing articles online. New content is released on this website with the publication of each monthly print issue.

Alia Arellanes
The office of Minnetonka Breezes, located in Room 2420A.

We are completely extracurricular, so there’s no class time dedicated to Breezes. If you’re interested in joining our talented team of editors, managers, and writers, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or pick up an application on our bulletin board outside of room 2420.