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Minnetonka Breezes

Minnetonka High School's Student News

Minnetonka Breezes

Minnetonka High School's Student News

Minnetonka Breezes

Art by Sasha Cox

Fashion: Too Fast – I’m Furious

Ava Hefferon, Staff Writer May 3, 2024

A deep dive into the fast fashion industry reveals it’s more than just a tank top. While websites like Shein or Forever 21 seem like a cheap way to get clothes for the summer, there's a reason why it's...

Art by Sabrina Pietrafitta

American Higher Education… Scholarly Scam?

Edda Bortel-Fielder, Commentary Editor May 3, 2024

Student debt has been rising by the billions for de- cades, adding up to $1.77 trillion dollars in 2023. This debt makes it difficult for 43 million Americans to buy a home, pursue a career, and keep a...

Art by Sasha Cox

Gender Affirming Care is More Important than Ever

Tyler Dodge, Staff Writer May 3, 2024

Today, minority groups are accepted and celebrated more than ever. However, that hasn’t stopped the demonization of transgender individuals in the media within the last few years, nor the violent deaths...

Photo courtesy of ArcGIS StoryMaps

A PSA About CSAs

Cash Wagner, Staff Writer May 3, 2024

In the Minnetonka community, we are fortunate to have grocery stores and businesses that are readily accessible to supply food items on a daily basis. Minnetonka High School is within a three mile radius...

Art by Sophia Zhang

Do You Really Know How Elections Work?

Ava Hefferon, Commentary Editor March 22, 2024

10-10-50 5-5-50 270 All of these numbers can be associated with elections but what do they really mean? Elections are at the root of the United States democracy but many Americans don’t know much...

Photo by Cash Wagner

New VANMO Building: The How and Why

Cash Wagner, Staff Writer March 22, 2024

Since its inception, there’s no question that VANTAGE has had a significant impact on Minnetonka. At nearly 500 students enrolled for the 2023-24 school year, the program can be considered a very successful...

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