So, you think you can’t dance?

Amy Stoltenberg, Arts & Entertainment

For all you girls and guys out there who will not be in attendance for the

Homecoming dance this Saturday night, here are some alternative options

for your evening entertainment – just leave the corsages at home.

1.Harry Potter Movie


Remember back about

fifteen months ago when you

were still obsessed with “The

Boy Who Lived”, and your ultimate

life goal was to travel to

“Harry Potter Universe” and finally

drink butterbeer? Well pull

out that rusty wand, grab your

Harry Potter Luver scrapbook,

and lose yourself again in the

world of your late childhood

years. Eight glorious movies,

17.5 hours, and a vat of popcorn


2. Amazing Mirror Maze at

Mall of America

At only $8.50 a person,

this twisted path of reflections is

sure to give your brain a workout.

The Amazing Mirror Maze

is a maze of – you guessed it –

mirrors! But these are no ordinary

mirrors. These masters of

illusion are designed to confuse

and disorient their victims.

Bonus to this activity: if you end

up going alone, being surrounding

by mirrors will give the impressions

that you came with

lots of friends.

3. Grand Slam

Mini golf, bumper cars,

and arcade games. Thought you

left those things in your past

when you received your kindergarten

diploma? Well, you

thought wrong my laser-tag-loving

friend. With a group of amigos

and a couple of energy

drinks, this blast to the past is a

good, clean, fun way to spend

your Saturday night.

4. Stroll Around Lake Calhoun

Take a romantic stroll

around one of the Twin City’s

natural jewels with your mom,

dog, or iPod set on shuffle. The

lake and the excellent people

watching can be your entertainment

for the evening. If you are

the type who doesn’t consider

any outing complete without

nourishment, be sure to stop at

Yogurt Lab (Uptown’s classier

and more gourmet Freeziac) or

Tin Fish (fried everything), both

located near the lake.

5. Drive-in Movie Theater

It may surprise you that

there are two quality drive-in

movie theaters located within 45

minutes of Minnetonka. Both

Vali High in Lake Elmo and

Cottage View in Cottage Grove

have a flat entrance rate – usually

no more that $8 a person.

After they pay, viewers are allowed

to stay and watch as many

of the shows that night as they

wish. So, go buy a big red pickup

truck, pack it with plaid flannel

blankets and popcorn, and

drive off into the world of the

romantic 50s, complete with the

drive-in movie.

6. Paint Your Plate

You probably went here

back in the third grade for a

birthday party,

painted a plate

that said “I

love Mom,”

gave it to the

lucky recipient,

and never saw

it again. Here’s

your chance to

prove your

skill. Paint

Your Plate is

located on

France Ave and

in St. Paul, and

walk-ins are

welcome. It is

relatively inexpensive


can take up

hours of your

time to create a

beautiful plate

or mug for a

lasting memory

of Homecoming


7. Blade It Up

Roller Gardens. Thorpe

Park. The Metrodome. What do

these three places have in common?

Allow me to explain. All

of these places are excellent locations

for some good old

school roller skating. Whether

you have your own skates or

need to shell out $5 to rent

some, roller skating can be a lot

of fun – especially while goofing

off with friends. Bonus: The

Metrodome sells concessions.

Evening complete.

8. Pinterest Bake Off

We all have one. That

Pinterest board labeled

“Yummy!,” “Delish,” or “If I

Weighed 34729384 pounds.”

This collage is filled with 147

different delicacies that make

your mouth water just thinking

about them. This Saturday night,

satisfy your taste buds at last.

Grab some friends, divide into

teams, and each choose a recipe

to make. At the end of the

night,have a taste-testing party

and choose the team that created

the most enjoyable dish.

9. Figure Out How to Get

Asked to Homecoming Next