Rising Talent Spotlight: Lena Pak, Young Multimedia Student Artist

Photo Courtesy of Lena Pak

Photo Courtesy of Lena Pak

Photo Courtesy of Lena Pak

Lena Pak, Staff Writer

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It’s no surprise that many MHS students excel in the arts. This month’s artist spotlight features Lena Pak, ‘21, who is already making her mark on the school and in the Minnetonka community.
As a gift for her tenth birthday, Pak received an easel. Not only did this gift fuel Pak’s love of painting, but it also helped her connect with and learn from her father, who supplied her with paints and helped her begin the artistic process. Now, with more experience and greater artistic insight, he simply “gives critiques and advice” as her skill continues to grow.
Pak also mentions how quickly she has been able to discover who she is as an artist.
“I’ve only been painting for a few years, [but] it’s amazing how much you can grow as an artist in such a short time,” she said.
The young artist explains that finding inspiration from others helped her discover her own style. Pak acknowledges that her love of finger painting began when she started following artist Iris Scott (@isrisscottart), whose work she loves, on Instagram. Scott’s technique has motivated to try new techniques, such as finger painting, as well.
Pak says that although in the past she has stuck entirely to a realistic style, she is now playing with more abstract painting, as well as other mediums, in hopes that she will learn how to use shape and form instead of just focusing on small details.
Although she loves to create, Pak does not just paint for fun. She explains that as she has matured, she tries to convey deeper messages through her work. For instance, a piece Pak entered in a civil rights competition recently and won the honorable mention award; she hopes to continue doing more work within this theme in the future.
When asked to give advice to aspiring artists, Pak said, “anyone can be an artist and do art if they want–you don’t have to have to be the most talented person of all time to do it; you just have to find inspiration and create things based on [that inspiration].”

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