Freshmen volunteer opportunities


Phoebe Hanson

Packing meals for children in Haiti.

Chaehyun Lee, Backpage Editor

Freshmen year is tough. It’s the first year of high school and many students get nervous about how their first year will turn out. To make the year more meaningful, it is good to get involved in different activities. 


Why is volunteering so important in our life? By volunteering, students can feel pride and get a personal sense of their identity. Furthermore, students can build social networks that would sufficiently support them even in their future life. By getting to know new people, students feel more like they are involved in a part of the world. 


How does volunteering affect people? What does volunteering mean to people? In a peer interview, Alix Mcnutt, a sophomore in MHS replied, “I think it means doing something just for the sake of doing it,you just don’t get anything back. You just do it because it makes you feel part of your community and it makes you happy.”

Steven Wang, a junior in MHS answered, “It makes me feel like I am participating in social community activities and I feel more engaged and have an opportunity to meet more people and make more achievements in my life.”


Minnetonka offers a variety of volunteering opportunities. Backpack tutoring is one of the biggest volunteering clubs at the high school. Minnetonka High School’s goal is, in part, to ensure all students envision and pursue their highest aspirations while serving the greater good. Students can apply for presidential awards with their volunteer hours in order to better display their achievements in different parts of communities. In recognition of this service, Minnetonka Public Schools is a certifying agent for the United States President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) program, designed to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to serve. Students under 16 could apply for a gold medal with 100 hours of volunteering. 


Michelle Seets, who is in charge of volunteer opportunities in MHS quoted “We now have 30 service clubs that students can join. Few of the new volunteer clubs include the Minnetonka mail, which gives students an opportunity to become a pen pal with senior citizens, and Bunnie besties, which is a club that train bunnies and bring the bunnies to school as an animal therapy.The oldest volunteer club is the Earth club which has 17 years of history and the club members discuss about environmental issues. Students can get information about volunteer opportunities in tonka serves. The schoology group code is: 4BKFD-7QB38. The legacy 2023 is also a choice for freshman. The legacy team decide 1 issue and accomplish projects that would be the legacy that the class of 2023 leaves when the students graduate. It is a good opportunity for leadership anyone is welcome! The schoology code is: HQD4-6BWF-646ZG. Students can get more information from the Volunteer fair in October 24th, about various non profits. Volunteer really depends on what people want to do and how much they want to be involved, but come talk to me or email me and I can give ideas about volunteer options for you!” 


You can find various types of activities in the minnetonka highschool home page at Make your freshman year meaningful and enjoyable!