Do It Yourself: Halloween Costumes That Go Above and Beyond

Reagan Alexander, Staff Writer

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Every year you get the special few people who go all out on their costumes, planning months in advance and searching everywhere for what they’ll need. But not very many people have that much time, or are actually that dedicated. Nevertheless, Halloween is a holiday for everyone, so spice your costume up this year by making it yourself.

It’s fun to actually make your own costumes, or to even make it from things you buy and find at craft shops. Kalin Woulard, a Goodwill employee, in Chanhassen off highway 5, said that they get a lot of people coming in looking for Halloween costumes and pieces.

“We kind of have a Halloween section. We mostly have different themed areas for kids, like Superheros and Western and that kind of stuff.” When asked about the coolest things people had bought for halloween and he said, “someone came in and actually bought pillows and planned to use the materials to make a costume.” One year, Woulard went as a zombie doctor made from things he found at a thrift store.

Minnetonka students loved Student Government Representative, Sylvia Shutes’ (‘20) costume last year. She said “I came up with the idea for my French Toast costume by making a list of puns with nouns in it, and then I thought about how I could make them into something. It was super quick. I had the striped shirt, accordion, and bandana on hand so I bought a beret and made my necklace with toasted bread.” She even went the extra step to modge podge her toast necklace to keep bread crumbs from getting all over.

Another person who had stellar costumes last year was Suzy Smith (‘19), who went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. “When I was little I aspired to dress up as Dorothy, and I was excited when I found the parts to do that without spending much.” She added; “I would highly recommend making your own costumes because you can save a lot of money and it’s just very fun.”

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