A COVID-Safe Valentine’s Day

Sara Pender

Valentine’s Day is a date looked forward to by many people throughout the year. It should be noted that Valentine’s Day is not only for couples–love surrounds us all and should be celebrated no matter what. “Galentine’s Day,” a play on the original name of the holiday, refers to celebrating female friendship in lieu of celebrating a romantic relationship on this day. 

Although the pandemic may have thwarted students’ plans, having a COVID-safe Valentine’s Day celebration is still possible. Dinner and a movie are always classics, but for those looking for a little bit more excitement, these suggestions might just work. 

An article written by Brigitt Earley in The Oprah Magazine brings up alternatives to the classic dinner and a movie date. A nice twist on a simple dinner could be to teach each other a delicious meal each person enjoys cooking. Despite the cold temperatures, ice skating on a lake or pond is a wonderful way to get fresh air and some exercise while also having fun. Virtual concerts or virtual trivia nights could be a fun alternative to pre-COVID date nights as well. 

Through the winter, sledding, skiing and snowshoeing are entertaining activities that allow couples and friends to enjoy each others’ company amid the pandemic and take advantage of the wonderful Minnesota winters. 

Olivia Kronzer, ‘22, said, “the idea of mini golf sounds really fun.”

 Mini golf is an activity that can be played both inside or outside, and it can be easily socially distanced, making it COVID-safe as well. Mini golf could make for a wonderful couples date night or a gals’ night out. 

Maryn Reader, ‘21 said, “You can put together cute little gift bags for you and your closest friends. Deliver them to their doorsteps or give them to them at school. Then you can join a Netflix party and enjoy the treats together while watching your favorite movie or show.” 

Truman Klein, ‘21, said that “online shopping together works for both couples and friends.” 

He suggested virtually looking for and buying clothes which keeps everyone safe and remains a fun alternative to walking around the mall for hours on end. 

Since COVID has limited our activities and has pushed us to think outside of the six-foot-shaped box, Valentine’s Day is no different. Although the change of pace may continue to bring students down, new date night ideas may be a breath of fresh air and a refreshing break from tradition. 


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