POC at Minnetonka High School: Sports Spotlight

Ka'Mya Bowie, Staff Writer

Life as a Minnetonka High School Student is different for everyone, and the variety of activities present provide each student with the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the crowd of almost 4,000 and have a chance to explore their passions. An especially unique experience is that of people of color (POC) at MHS. Encompassing 2% of the student body, POC students hold different experiences within the school, particularly when it comes to sports.

When Jordan Cain, ’24, was asked about a significant moment as a student so far at MHS, he said, “A highlight so far from freshman year would be meeting all the new people and making more older friends that can help you when you are struggling at hard times because they have been there before as a freshman.”

As Cain said, it’s important to have mature people in one’s life to help them navigate hard times, and teammates can be a great support system in addition to coaches, administrators and counselors. Reaching out for help–especially as a new student–can be tough, and having supportive relationships is important.

Cain also mentioned achievements from his basketball career, and said one of his favorite memories “would be playing for a top AAU team and having fun traveling around the world.”

Being an individual in a team setting can have its challenges and rewards. When asked about his experience being one of the only POC on his basketball team at MHS, Cain said that “Being one of some African Americans on my team…doesn’t affect me at all. I just go out there and play and give it my all because I know my teammates and coaches got my back and I got theirs. I see a very bright future for Minnetonka basketball in the next one to two years.”

When Cain talked about his experience on the MHS team he said, “Being a freshman playing in the best conference in Minnesota is a dream come true. I really look up to the older guys because they always make sure I’m good and that I understand everything regarding basketball and life.”

It is easy to see that Cain’s experience has been one of a supportive playing environment, which may be the real secret behind his success.

The high school experience changes for every person. Some say it’s the greatest time in their life when they made the most friends, a time where they did the most memorable things, and, conversely, some people even see it as a horrible period in their life.

When asked for his thoughts about his high school experience at MHS so far, Cain said, “My overall experience at Minnetonka High School has been great. I got to meet a lot of people and teachers who genuinely care about me and what is best for my situation.”