‘Unified Physical Education B’: A Class for All

Kate Feist, Staff Writer

Minnetonka is known for its wide range of activities, opportunities and classes it offers to its students. New to the course lineup this year is a new gym class: ‘Unified Physical Education B’.

“The focus of this class is inclusion of people of all abilities” said Special Education teacher Ms. Goeser, “and [the class] recognizes that every person no matter their ability has gifts and talents to offer”.

This new gym class, which is composed of both special education students and non special education students, gives students the opportunity to interact, develop social-emotional skills, learn about health and wellness and play games.

“[We] learn how to work with friends,” said Colin Purnell, ‘23.

Class typically starts with a warm up walk around the gym, followed by a ‘team meeting’ where the day’s game is presented. After that, the class splits into teams to play and reunites at the end of class for a cool-down and to hang out before the bell.

“Just hanging out with the other students, it’s a lot of fun,” said Caelan McKean ‘24.

In addition to the huge variety of daily gym games, the one semester course consists of a range of other fun activities including a field trip to the bowling alley.

Students who complete the ‘Unified Physical Education B’ class can fulfill part of their physical education credit requirements.

“The curriculum is based on the same curriculum as every other physical education class but it is specific to the “B” curriculum so students can receive either an elective credit or a “B” credit for P.E.” said Goeser.

Looking to sign up for the class?: “Anyone who is open to experiencing physical activity in a new or different way. Anyone who already finds inclusion important in other aspects of their life and wants to make it a part of their daily routine” said Goeser. “I don’t think that this is a class just for extroverts or a class just for people who are really good at sports or a class that’s just for really one type of person… this class can be for everyone if they’re open.”

Unified Physical Education B is accepting applications for the 2023-24 school year. Anyone is welcome to apply using the link below:

Link to Application