Prom-coming, Anybody? How Traditional Senior Events Have Changed This Year

Harriet Bennett, Staff Writer

After a long school year filled with AP and IB tests, college applications and work, many seniors begin to feel as though graduation cannot come soon enough. This year, seniors will get to celebrate their school year through both prom and a graduation to showcase their accomplishments throughout high school. 

Last year, the class of 2021 did not get to have their prom as juniors due to COVID-19, but the school has planned a prom event on Veterans Field to enjoy as seniors. 

Many students are looking forward to prom, including Grace Brabec, ‘21, who is “really excited to see everyone put in their best effort into an outfit that makes them feel good and see everyone have fun and dance after a time that was so hard.” 

This year, prom will take place at the high school on Veterans Field, different from the venues of previous years. 

Assistant Principal Jennifer Smasal added that “[the] Minnesota Department of Health recommended that any of our events this year take place outside if possible and that’s why we chose Veterans Field.” 

Many other seniors are looking forward to prom as well, as Brabec mentioned. She said that “a lot of seniors are really excited to [have] a big party where we will all be safely socially distanced but still able to have fun.”

Because of the global pandemic, prom will look a little different this year. 

Smasal said that in addition to the prom taking place on Veterans Field, students will travel “in pods of six, which means you’ll travel with those six people wherever you go.” 

Masks will also be required, and these two key things will help keep this event safe. 

Another big event for seniors is graduation, and Minnetonka High School’s graduation ceremony is no small celebration. In past years, seniors and their families gathered at US Bank Stadium to celebrate their accomplishments. There have been speakers, musical performances, and of course, the ceremony. This year’s graduation will still take place at US Bank Stadium, but it will look a little different because seniors will be spread out through the entire field. There will still be music and speakers, and seniors will get to celebrate with guests. 

Brabec believes that graduation will be a relief.

She added that “a lot of the seniors [she’s] talked to are really excited about it and as much as they love Minnetonka, it is time to move on.” 

Not only is graduation an amazing opportunity for Minnetonka seniors to celebrate their accomplishments and reflect on their years here at MHS, but it will also be a goodbye to high school. 

            Smasal said that “it is extremely important for seniors to celebrate all the hard work that they’ve done over the years,” which is exactly what the class of 2021 will be able to do this June. 

Last year, graduation for the class of 2020 took place on Veterans Field, and there were many different graduation ceremonies in order for everyone to follow social distancing guidelines. 

“This year, [the school] really wanted students to be able to do graduation together as a whole class,” Smasal said.

The class of 2021 will be able to graduate like many classes before them did, which is a very exciting thought considering everything that has happened this year. 

For this year’s seniors, prom and graduation will be able to happen, and many students are looking forward to these events.

Brabec added that they “are really important. When I look at them from another year, I never really considered them as important as I do now. […] But now that I’m a senior and I’ll be able to participate in it, it is really exciting for me.” 

For those who are seniors, enjoy prom and graduation to the fullest extent because they will most likely be events that will stand out for years to come.