A Night To Remember: Students Prepare For A Prom On Veterans Field

Adelaide Howland, Staff Writer

The Prom committee has been working hard to put together a magical night for upperclassmen and their dates. The theme in the works for this year’s event is ‘Starry Night,’ based on the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. 

Feelings about allowing juniors to go this year are a bit scattered. Some seniors are a bit upset about the fact that they were not allowed to go last year without a date, but now juniors are able to attend. However, Prom is traditionally all upperclassmen, so other seniors have no issue with it. Juniors on the other hand, are absolutely thrilled. 

Bri LaMere, ‘23, is “excited to see if it lives up to [their] fairy tale dreams” and can’t wait to spend the night with friends in a fancy outfit. 

Principal Jeff Erickson recently sent out an email to juniors and seniors revealing information about Prom night: the location is the same as last year (Veterans Field here at Minnetonka High School) on Saturday, May 21 from 8:00pm-10:00pm with, according to Erickson, “an amazing close you don’t want to miss!” 

In regards to how she feels about Prom taking place on the baseball field this year, Jane Williams, ‘22, said that “I am a little worried about the weather and my dress; I haven’t gotten an actual Prom yet so of course I’m a little disappointed, but I know I will have fun no matter the situation.” 

Although many people are upset about the location, the majority also recognize that it is definitely safer for COVID precautions. 

On the bright side, Ruby Mae Karason, ‘23, mentioned that “[she] definitely [feels] thankful about it. As someone that doesn’t like crowds in tight spaces, [she feels] safe and more comfortable.” 

The upperclassmen interviewed said that the majority of their friends are going and they cannot wait to join them for dressing up, pictures, dinner, the actual dance and perhaps an afterparty. 

“It is my senior year, and I want to serve a fierce look,” said Stanley Gagner, ‘22. 

Don’t forget that if one wishes to bring a guest from another school, they must fill out the ‘Guest Google Form’ which will be available on the school website on May 9. The forms are due by Thursday, May 19. 

Some students are planning on asking someone or already have a date whereas others have decided to just go with friends. Either way, it will be a fabulous night. 

If students plan on asking someone but are worried they might say no, they might as well give it a shot because they never know. Most likely, they are already going to attend, so if it backfires, they can always say they meant it as friends.