The 2018 Fall Fashion World Combines Current Trends With Old Favorites

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The 2018 Fall Fashion World Combines Current Trends With Old Favorites

Courtesy of PixaBay

Courtesy of PixaBay

Courtesy of PixaBay

Caroline Davis, Staff Writer

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The leaves are starting to turn red and there’s a chill in the air; summer is over, but now what are you going to wear? Autumn fashion has consisted of scarves, sweaters, and boots for generations. Certain trends have stuck around for as long as we can remember, but many people don’t know where they got their start. Some favorites you might know and love are plaid, the cardigan, or fringe.

To begin, plaid originated in Scotland. It represents strength and courage. Next, the cardigan actually started being worn in the 1800s to keep soldiers warm. Its name came from the British military commander James Thomas Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan. Lastly, fringe was founded by Native Americans to distinguish tribes and add decoration to native women.

In between the origin of fall fashion and 2018, many trends have come and gone. The 1920s were a profound decade for fashion. After World War I, fashion evolved into more simple, comfortable clothing; the fall trends followed this new look.

Dress historian Jayne Shrimpton writes in Fashion in the 1920s,“the development of a more convenient, modern female wardrobe was a major trend of the 1920s and was achieved through the progressive simplification of dress.”

People of this time took their newfound comfortable fashion and they added scarves and hats. This not only kept them from the cold, but it included an autumn touch. Complete fall looks were not made popular until the early 2000s.

In 2000, clothes like leather and pant suits were popular for the fall season. Hamish Bowels, a writer for Vogue Paris then , writes about the pieces found in a popular fashion show by designer Narciso Rodriguez, showcasing his autumn line.

“Deft leather work is the specialty of this classical Spanish house’ Rodriguez said, ‘Mondrian grid on those leather shifts, and [has] refined chevron work. Subtle touches of hidden luxury included a warm-pink satin lining on the camel jacket of a mini suit and matte caviar sequins on a chiffon evening mini.”  

These luxury trends sparked a growing need for fall pieces in everyone’s wardrobe.

This fall you should expect some new trends and old favorites. Animal print was seen on the Calvin Klein, Givenchy, and Tom Ford runways. When wearing animal print, other aspects of the outfit should be toned down with neutral fall colors. Similarly, Cosmopolitan magazine talks about leather and denim skirts making their way into 2018 fall trends. This fall, put away those tall boots from last season and head to the store to get booties: paired perfectly with the aforementioned leather skirts, jeans, or leggings.

MHS student, Ashley Gehrmann, ‘22, said that her favorite fall outfit is “sweaters because they’re easy to wear and usually cute.”

Fall fashion connoisseurs agree that sweaters are very easy to slip on and get out the door, with assurance that your outfit looks good.

Fall accessories are also a necessity. This year the infinity scarves that have been pushed into the back of our closets are making a comeback. Scarves can be worn on top of any sweater or top to instantly incorporate fall fashion, especially if the scarf is fall-colored, like orange, red, or simply fall patterned, like plaid.

Gold jewelry has made its way into everyone’s wish list this season. It looks great paired with this year’s many fall trends and also layered on top of each other.

Another accessory is that everybody loves to wear in the fall is boots, and socks are can add a unique, adorable aspect to any outfit. Tall socks peeking out from under boots or booties can add fall into your outfit and keep your legs and feet warm.

Fall fashion has changed a lot throughout the years. Some trends, such as plaid, have stayed around and others have come and gone. Fall is short, with winter just around the corner, so have fun with your wardrobe and enjoy the brief, brisk air.


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