From Squid Game to Cruella: Costume Inspiration From MHS Students

Sadie Heiland, Staff Writer

As Halloween rapidly approaches, many students are finding themselves stumped about their costumes. Dressing up is one of the best parts of the fall holiday, yet deciding on a costume can be tricky. One helpful idea is to dress up as characters from TV shows and movies.

People who plan on celebrating Halloween with a group of friends often have trouble deciding what to be.

Lilly Kozora, ‘25, is planning on dressing up as a Squid Game soldier. 

“We are obsessed with the show,” she said. “It’s a great group costume and easy to make.” 

The 2021 Netflix thriller features soldiers dressed in red jumpsuits with masks covering their faces. Kozora and her friends plan on buying red tracksuits and masks off of Amazon. From there, they will paint relevant shapes onto their masks.

For those looking for a more lighthearted costume, one option is the Mystery Gang from Scooby Doo. 

“I know every single person who’s either heard of or seen Scooby Doo has wanted to be the Mystery Gang at least once in their lives,” said Vivian Lindgren, ‘25.

 Dressing up as Scooby Doo’s charismatic crew is a great idea that would be loved by many. The execution would be relatively easy, considering that the characters being portrayed are teenagers who wear everyday clothes. 

“I saw a lot of photos on Pinterest,” said Lindgren, proving that there are many reference photos available as well. 

Each year, there are plenty of Disney-inspired costumes, and the new films from 2021 gives students plenty of options to choose from. Going solo? Dress up as the Disney villain who recently gained popularity, Cruella de Vil. This powerful female could be portrayed in a number of ways—either through a simple outfit referencing her general character or an all-out costume featuring her iconic looks. 

Stella Martin, ‘24, is opting for the simpler route. 

She said, “I’m getting a black leather coat and I’m getting a tank top, like a black tank top, with black leggings.” Martin also shared that she is expanding this theme into a group costume. Her friends are dressing up as other Disney villains to “make it a lot more fun.”

This Halloween will be filled with costumes matching the high spirits of the beloved day. Whether their costumes are creepy or playful, many students will be dressed like movie stars. 

Photo Courtesy of Josie Weber