Teacher Spotlight on Ms. Lolich


Photo Courtesy of Ms. Lolich

Catherine Rile, Staff Writer

Consisting of one IB and two AP classes, the Global Business VANTAGE program at Minnetonka High School is challenging and rigorous. Within the program, the teachers are essential in the success of their students and are a key resource to their progress, and, Mrs. Lolich is certainly no exception. Admired by all her students, she is known for her charismatic and enthusiastic energy. 

“You go to class without knowing what Lolich is going to do, which is the best part. I would almost describe her as fiery because she’s never predictable with who she’s going to make fun of next, but it’s so much fun,” said Katherine Mindak, ‘22.  Collectively she has been teaching for seventeen years and currently teaches IB Business SL and HL. 

Although she expresses love for both courses she asserted, 

“I love teaching IB business management SL because for a lot of our students it’s their first business class and I just love watching them discover business concepts and their insight to me is really fun because I have such a different perspective than you have because I’m old and you are young.” Beyond the classroom, she was a mentor for DECA up until this year. Carter Nye, ‘24, has had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Lolich for the last 3 years through the DECA program and now as her student in IB Business SL. 

Nye expresses her gratitude, 

“I am grateful to her because she sparked my interest in business and helped me be successful in DECA. She is also an incredible role model and a person that I look up to.” For Lolich she doesn’t have to look very far to be inspired. 

“My students inspire me. It’s so fun for me to watch you react to guest instructors and visits and company projects. I really love when you go off-site to company projects and just to watch you shine in an environment,” she said. 

Outside of school she enjoys spending time outside, among other things. 

“I love being outside in the winter and every season I have something that I like to do but I especially love kayaking and hiking and biking.” She added. “I like to read as well but I’d much rather be outside.” She shared that her favorite books include “The Power of One and Tale of Two Cities”. Lolich identifies that her students are not the only ones learning, she herself is also learning too. 

Therefore the most valuable lesson she’s learned is, 

“Every student is different and every student I work with has different talents and just because somebody can’t take an AP test and earn a five doesn’t mean that they are any less intelligent than a student who shines in band and orchestra. They just have such unique strengths and I think we have to be really careful about what we classify as success and intelligence in a classroom and celebrate all parts of a student.” Teachers such as Mrs. Lolich are accountable for students taking their learning beyond surface level. Said Mindak, “She’s helped me find a passion and drive for business and taught me that no goal is unreachable.”