We’re Grateful For Nurse’s Care

Sam Vallancourt, Staff Writer

The Health Office provides care to large amounts of students each and every school day, yet it is sometimes overlooked. “I feel like a lot of people forget that it exists,” said Elise Pudwill, ‘23. Pudwill said the office could be “kind of hard to find,” but described it as a very convenient resource.

Despite the fact that it is forgotten about at times, the Health Office remains a place where important care is provided. “It’s just non-stop door opening and closing until about 2:15 p.m.,” said Rhonda Kullman, a nurse who works at the Health Office. Kullman said that SAIL time and passing time in general are usually the busiest times in the day for the Health Office workers. “I typically have a waiting period in that time for students to see me,” Kullman explained.

The Health Office is a positive experience for students who go to receive care. Pudwill, alluding to a time she had visited the Health Office, said that the Health Office staff was very understanding. “The woman I spoke to was very nice and she taught me a new trick on how to keep a band-aid on your finger,” continued Pudwill.

A lot of work is done behind the scenes as well. “We are doing care plans for students who have medical conditions,” Kullman said. Kullman added that the Health Office staff do a wide variety of things daily, from planning for field trips to providing medication to students who need medication on a regular basis. Although these services are not commonly associated with the work that is done at the Health Office, they remain crucial to student well-being.

Though the Health Office may not be at the front of many people’s minds, the work that its staff completes daily is crucial to the success of students and MHS as a whole. Health Office staff work extremely hard throughout the day to ensure students can learn and function to the best of their abilities. Moreover, this article is an opportunity to appreciate the Health Office workers and all they do for our school.