2 Truths and 1 Lie ANSWERS

Doctor Sauer

1. I biked around the state of Minnesota on a Trek bicycle. (TRUTH)

2. I enjoy answering questions like this for school newspapers. (LIE)

3. When I turned 30 years old, with no training, I rock climbed Devil’s
Tower in Wyoming. (TRUTH)


 Ms. Bunte

I have kissed a pig…on the lips…snout. (TRUTH)

I am in the Guinness Book of World Records. (TRUTH)

I lived for two years in Tanzania. (LIE)


Ms. Martinson:

1.  I am a PGA Professional. (TRUTH)

2.  My first major in college was music. (TRUTH)

3.  I have two kids. (LIE)


Mr. Holmes:

I hiked the Inca Trail and saw Machu Pichu through the Sun Gate. (TRUTH)

I’ve eaten alligator, bugs, guinea pig, ostrich, bison, rabbit, and turtle. (TRUTH)

I scuba dived with mako, hammerhead, and tiger sharks in the Florida
Keys. (LIE)


Melanie Mozingo

1. I once travelled to NYC and saw 6 museums in 4 days (TRUTH)

2. On my wedding day, I wore black (TRUTH)

1. I have a tattoo. (LIE)


Mrs. Saunders

I received a D on my first English essay in college. (TRUTH)

I worked two summers at the Sturgis Bike Rally. (TRUTH)

I have a serious cat allergy. (LIE)


Ms. Labs

1. While wearing a formal ball gown, I was almost trampled by a Brown
Swiss cow. (TRUTH)

2. As a child, I loved to play in the mud, but I also demanded that my
mother help me get cleaned up every few minutes. (TRUTH)

1. My favorite season is the spring when the trees are first budding and
the birds can finally be heard chirping early in the morning again. (LIE)


Mrs. Ivy

1. My Tonka name is T-Dubs. (TRUTH)

2. I was a former pre-med student. (TRUTH)

I have a snake as my adorable pet. (LIE)


Mrs. Holmberg

1) I do not, and never have, colored my hair. (TRUTH)

2) In one year in college, I performed the role of a Brigitta in “The
Sound of Music”, I sang the role of “Susanna” in the opera “The Marriage
of Figaro” and sang “Crazy on You” (Heart) in a rock band. (TRUTH)

3) The MHS Concert Choir will travel to Greece in 2015. (LIE)