Changes To The Singing Telegrams

Nick Bushway

As a senior at this school, I have fond memories memories of my first heart week three years ago. This is particularly due to what I witnessed on that fateful Thursday. For whatever reason, I was a bit out of the loop as to what was going on, so you can imagine my surprise when the doors bursted open during my first hour English class. I saw four students clearly older than me. They had guitars, and one of them started shredding a Flamenco scale as another called a girl’s name. She nervously walked to the front of the classroom and sat at a chair they grabbed for her. They began serenading her with a Bruno Mars song.

“The singing telegrams have been going on for many years- probably more than 15,” explains Mrs. Holmberg, the choir teacher who auditions the groups. I think most can agree it makes for a nice, partially non-serious day right before a completely non-serious day. Most teachers seem to love it as well, even when it blatantly interrupts their lessons. Though this year there seems to be a bit more oversight in terms of what kinds of performances are acceptable. One significant change is that they can’t be ordered for teachers anymore. It’s certainly sad to see that aspect go, as I always thought that was part of the fun of it. Though considering the ridiculous amount of telegrams some teachers got last year, as well as the nature of some of the performances, I think it’s justified.

That’s not to say it was just the teachers who felt uncomfortable. There seemed to be a general problem of anyone being able to order a large number of telegrams for whoever they wanted. Even within the course of a single class period. Also, there were a few rogue groups that weren’t with the Telegrams, but went to some classes anyways. Considering the whole thing is for the Minnetonka Family Friends charity organization, it would be best not to make a complete farce of the whole thing.

This year, there seemed to be improvement in that regard. The performances seemed more innocent in nature, the Cupid groups were still hilarious, and it wasn’t all that cringeworthy. On Thursday morning, teachers were meant to be be given slips with the names of every group approved by Mrs. Holmberg, and principal Mr. Erickson even met up with them before the day began. This is the first year with these new regulations, but the efficiency of which they’re carried out should only improve in future years.