A Contemporary Analysis of Minnetonka’s Queer History

A Contemporary Analysis of Minnetonka’s Queer History

Sophie Pederson, Web Editor December 3, 2020

Notes to the reader: Towards the end of the article, there are brief mentions of suicidal thoughts, so discretion is advised.    2020 has been a unique year - we’ve seen the rise of a pandemic,...

Donald Trump responded over Twitter to the CIA's conclusion that Russia meddled in the US elections.

Trump, Russia, and the CIA

Oliver Calder and Caleb Trantham December 22, 2016
Trump’s future administration is already setting a new precedent for presidential policy moving forward, one that involves dismissing the conclusions of the very agencies that maintain American national security, fight terrorism, and counter cyberattacks. It should be noted the extreme divergence from convention as past conservative politicians, notably President Reagan, have maintained and upheld a standard of non-interference in American elections.

Spreading the Love

Tyson February 20, 2015

Heart week, Minnetonka’s six day span of caring, fun and loving events ranging from singing cupids to the benefit dinner. In people’s minds, there are two sides to heart week, the fun (dress up days,...

First Heart Week

Rebecca Ryweck February 20, 2015

Heart week at other schools revolve more around the single concept of Valentines Day. While this being my first year at Minnetonka High School as a senior, I have interviewed some students to ask what...

The Story Behind Man Pageant

Anna Erickson February 20, 2015

Minnetonka High School has a week in February called Heart Week. It is a week where everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day; the school is covered in pink and red, and everyone is in the Valentine’s...

The Hearts of Men

Siri Olsen February 20, 2015

All the week activities lead up to the much-anticipated show on Friday, the man pageant. Nine senior guys will dress up in pink tutus and tight tank tops when they try to dance with their two left feet...

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