Exciting or Casual?

Rachel Arland

Heart Week is an annual event filled with excitement and fun. Every day, during Heart Week is a dress up day. On these days, it is typical to see people going all out with their crazy outfits. It’s interesting though that while some people dress up, others choose not to. Also, some people tend to get more in to the costumes and will stand out, while other people may dress up but not be as extreme in their clothing.

Through observations and interviewing students around the school, there is a better understanding as to why some people dress up for these days and why others seem not to. A common answer that was given to the dress up days was that people tend to dress up when they find the costume idea interesting. Almost everyone that was interviewed said, “It just depends on the theme.” A further explanation was given that some themes are easier to dress up for. Someone said, “I’ll dress up if I have clothes for it.” Another great point that was made was, “Themes need to be able to appeal to everyone in order for a lot of people to dress up. If the dress up days are only relatable to a few, more people will just wear their normal clothes.”

When people do dress up, the time they put in to arranging their perfect outfit varies. Most people said it takes them ten minutes or less to find what they will wear. Other people who are very excited for the theme say it can take them thirty minutes or longer.

While all dress up days seem to be fun, most people agree that pajama day is their favorite. They say that they like the idea of feeling comfortable all day long. Also it makes the school day easier and more relaxing. Themes tend to change a lot but pajama day will be a popular idea for a long time.

People were also asked to make a suggestion for a theme that they would like to see. Their responses were very creative as they responded that getting to dress up like some kind of food would be really cool. Another person liked the idea of wearing your favorite color to school.

Heart Week is a time of celebration and a time to help those who are in need. It is certain that the dress up days are one of the most exciting parts of Heart Week and really get people to have fun.