ASU, DSU and HSU Danced the Night Away


Photo courtesy of Annie Zhao

Five HSU leaders pose in front of flags.

Lauren Lamb, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 10th, from 6-9pm, Asian Student Union (ASU), Hispanic Student Union (HSU) and Desi Student Union (DSU) had a dance party. MHS students met in the Black Box to celebrate many different cultures from countries represented by ASU, HSU and DSU. They celebrated different cultures by playing multicultural music and dancing. There was a $2 entrance fee which will go to these three clubs. That way, the money earned from the dance party can help fund future events, so they will be bigger and even more exciting.

Annie Zhao, ‘23, a student leader of ASU, helped coordinate this event.

Zhao notes that “HSU held an HSU dance party earlier this year, and it was a great time because of the people and the music.”

“This dance party will be the same, just with ASU and DSU. We want everyone to have a great time with their friends and other club members,” she adds.

Thanks to the three clubs joining together, students were able to celebrate a variety of cultures. More money being raised was another benefit of the clubs teaming up. This way, they are able to fund and plan even more exciting events like this one. 

Zhao was also “excited to see everyone there and celebrating the different cultures around our high school!”

The event offered an amazing time to everyone that attended. Attendees had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of music and cultures from different countries. Hopefully, there will be many more similar events in the future to give more students the opportunity to dance and celebrate different cultures.