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Minnetonka High School's Student News

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Minnetonka Breezes

Hearts of Tonka: Mrs. Johnson


What core values do you want Minnetonka student representatives to have? 

  • Over the summer, we did some core value stuff, and talked about collaboration and integrity. One thing I value a lot is their ability to ask for help, and feedback, that’s really important. Inclusivity, just trying to make sure that all the things that we plan are positive for all students and encourage, as many students as possible, to be involved. 

What inspires you to teach?

  • So I’m a math teacher, and I always knew that I wanted to be a high school teacher first, and I think they get a bad reputation in the community. I think high school students are awesome, and I like to see all the cool stuff that they do. I’ve always loved math, and to be honest I didn’t want to grade essays. 

What advice would you give to students who are considering being a part of the school’s representative team?

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  • I would say go for it; it’s super rewarding, but it is a lot of work. You get the opportunity to create really close relationships with a lot of the staff and administration in this building. But then along with that comes a lot of responsibility, because you’re the face of the community, Minnetonka, your class and peers, and that comes with a lot of learning. 

What is your favorite event the Student government has hosted? 

  • Heart week is my favorite. It’s really fun, and a great opportunity to build community in the school. But it’s also for the greater good. I’ve had the opportunity, over the 14 years I’ve been with student government, to hear lots of stories about the impact of where those funds go. I think that’s kind of a misconception that a lot of people who don’t live in Minnetonka have. Is that we all live on the lake, in large houses, and could buy anything we want, but that is so much not the case. So I like the opportunity to raise money for the folks that are not in that boat (no pun intended). But also raise awareness that not everybody in this community is fortunate enough, and has all the financial ability, when in reality it’s a very small percentage of those people. So everybody wins. 



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