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A Wonderland of Winter Fun

Winter is one of the most popular and prominent seasons in Minnesota. From the chilly weather starting in early fall to the melting of the snow in late spring, there is always so much to do during those months. 

One of the best things about Minnesota, and the Twin Cities area, is the amount of winter festivals available to the public. While there are many festivals all around the state, plenty are hosted right in the metropolitan area. One of the biggest and most popular ones is the St. Paul Winter Carnival in Rice Park from January 25th all the way to February 4th. There are also festivals like Winterfest (Feb 15th to 19th) in Stillwater and other fun events and activities you can go to with friends and family.

While winter festivals add the snow villages, the hot chocolate, and the magic to Minnesota’s greatest season, winter activities add the adrenaline, the speed, and the heavy snow gear.

“In Minnesota you have to have some kind of winter thing to do,” Nordic ski coach Sean Kern said. “Otherwise, it’s just miserable being stuck inside.” 

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Nordic skiing is a popular activity in Minnesota. “[It] is great exercise and it’s fun,” said Samuel Walker, ‘26. It’s a great way to stay in shape but also enjoy your time during the winter months. 

Along with Nordic skiing, there are other fun winter pastimes. Sledding is one of the most nostalgic winter pastimes, and a great way to spend your time, with cold air rushing past, the racing of the sled, the laughter and the smiles that follow. Ice skating is always a wonderful way to pass the time too, whether it’s playing hockey with friends on a rink or skating around a pond. 

Of course, sledding and skating aside, one absolutely iconic duo during Minnesota winters is alpine skiing and snowboarding. Two of the most popular activities amongst all ages with countless resorts around the state, it’s a great and fun way to get outside during the winter, from the adrenaline rushes of black diamond hills to more leisurely runs.

“It makes me feel like my best person because I feel free when I do it,” Oscar Anderson, ‘26, said. “It’s a great activity to do with family and friends.” 

So whatever anyone decides to do this winter, remember to bundle up, stay warm, and enjoy the winter season.

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