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Minnetonka Breezes

Minnetonka High School's Student News

Minnetonka Breezes

Minnetonka High School's Student News

Minnetonka Breezes

The Sauna Renaissance
The Sauna Renaissance
March 22, 2024
Lets Talk Protein
Let's Talk Protein
March 22, 2024
Phenomenal Festivities
Phenomenal Festivities
March 22, 2024

Hearts of Tonka

Katherine Ahlquist ‘24 (Student Government):
What do you think is unique about Student Government?
I think student government has become a platform for me where I have been

able to build strong and loving relationships with faculty members and stu-
dents within the high school. Through these extremely valuable relationships I

have been able to participate in a myriad of activities and projects that I would
never have had the opportunity to engage in if it wasn’t for student government.
Besides, I also feel as though student government has become a guiding activity
into my future as it has taught me both soft and hard skills.
What legacy are you hoping to leave behind after you graduate?

As I leave Minnetonka High School behind I hope that one value that will con-
tinue on in the school as my legacy is the ability to treat people with kindness

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and the ability to spread positivity. Throughout my time in high school there
have been times when I felt darkness but I have always found that striving to

promote kindness and positivity within our students can make those bad mo-
ments not as dark. I hope that in future times when other younger students who

I have interacted with think of me and they decide to take a positive approach to
situations and treat people with kindness. Approaching people and things with a
positive attitude is a standard I always try to hold myself to.
What is your favorite thing about being a Student Government Representative?
My favorite thing about student government is the ability to be involved with

the school on a deeper and more involved level. It is incredibly rewarding dur-
ing dances and celebrations when people notice decorations or enjoy the activi-
ties student government works on. I also thoroughly enjoy the variety within the

student government activities such as Thanksgiving dinner, the Tuesday morning
meetings, and the summer retreat. I have also grown fond of my fellow student

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