Fall Entertainment in Minnesota

Faith Watz, Staff Writer

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, one can tell that autumn has arrived. Minnesota is known for its beauty this time of year, as well as for the wide variety of entertainment options available. After a long period of quarantine and being confined to our homes, autumn is a perfect opportunity to get out and explore the beauty and excitement of the season.


One classic Midwestern activity for autumn is apple picking. 


Sariah Brodbent, ‘23, said, “When I think of fall, going to the apple orchard and spending quality time with family comes to mind.”  


Going to an apple orchard this fall is a great way to get outside while also spending some time with friends or family. 


Erica Wacker from exploreminnesota.com said, “Home to the Honeycrisp, Minnesota is one of the best places to get fresh and juicy apples straight from the tree.” 


Going to an orchard is lots of fun, and one even can go home with some quality Minnesota apples to make their favorite fall treats with. 


If you’re looking to venture out and potentially try something new this season, River Valley Ranch offers horseback riding trail rides for all ages and experience levels. Located in Carver on the Minnesota River, the views are breathtaking. 


Jacqueline Pezhman, ‘23, said, “It’s such a relaxing experience, a great way to de-stress by being surrounded by nature.” 


If any readers are thrill seekers looking for something scary this halloween, Minnesota has many amazing haunted houses; Scream Town is a popular haunted attraction. It is said to be “one of the greatest haunts in the country” according to The Star Tribune


Scream Town has over six houses varying in theme and scariness, as well as a haunted corn maze. They are also taking many safety precautions in order to provide the safest environment possible for their guests. Many say Scream Town is the scariest haunted attraction they’ve been to, so enter at your own risk.


Another often overlooked piece of fall entertainment is driving around to see the season’s scenery. Trees are changing color left and right, and one doesn’t have to go far to see some amazing landscapes. The Mound and Minnetrista areas have some especially breathtaking views. There’s something so incredibly calming about driving freely around tree-lined streets and admiring the simple beauty of the fall season. 


It’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed as the school year takes off, so it’s important to take time for oneself to de-stress and have some fun. Thankfully, one doesn’t have to look far to find some awesome fall entertainment. From apple picking to haunted houses, Minnesota has so many options for entertainment right now. So get out, have some fun, and enjoy the autumn season while it lasts!