Best Tropical Vacation Spots to Beat the Cold

Jackson Deutsch, Staff Writer

While some enjoy the cold, many Minnesotans need breaks from the single-digit temperatures and snow levels listed in feet. Here are some of the best tropical vacation spots all around the globe, whether you intend to book a flight or just add these destinations to your bucket list.

  1. Florida Keys

For those searching for a vacation spot within the US, look no further than the always-sunny Florida Keys. Some popular activities in the Keys include scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and whale watching, as well as various tours of the island’s culture, wildlife and history.

  1. Aruba

Located just north of Venezuela, the small Caribbean island features many beautiful beaches, from the glittering sand of the north to the rough surfing waters of the east. Carnival lights up the streets in January and February, making Aruba an ideal spot to beat the winter darkness.

  1. Maldives

Located south of India, the Maldives are a collection of islands, with a few notable tourist destinations being Malé,  Maafushi, and Fuvahmulah, known for their landmarks and diving destinations. Visitors can participate in culturally-themed tours, go diving with whale sharks and dine at underwater restaurants.

  1. Hawai’i

Last year, Concert Choir had the opportunity to visit Hawai’i as part of the 2022 Hawai’i/LA music tour. 

“I really liked the karaoke event we did on the boat. That was probably my favorite part,” said Chris Garcia, ‘23, a Concert Choir member. “We also got to go to this place called Secret Beach. We had to drive through the forest and take a boat down there and everything. The water was really nice and clear. It was super fun.” 

  1. Fiji

Full of reefs, beaches and rainforests, there is an abundance of activities to experience in Fiji, including ziplining, jet skiing, river rafting, surfing and diving. 

“Whether traveling with friends, family or your partner, you’ll find culturally immersive experiences to adrenaline-pumping activities and everything in-between here,” stated the official Fiji travel website. “There’s an adventure to be found for everyone in Fiji.”

Although the snow-covered wonderland of Minnetonka may be beautiful, it is nice to be able to get away from the cold weather sometimes. Which of these tropical destinations will you be flying to next winter?