Best of Twentieth Century Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback

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Best of Twentieth Century Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback

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Caroline Davis, Staff Writer

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Chokers, mom jeans and scrunchies? It seems like old-fashioned styles have returned to the Minnetonka High School student body.

With today’s most popular outfits composed of belled sleeves, flared pants, and round sunglasses from a few decades ago, it seems like the most popular trends of today are from the ‘70s. Cosmopolitan magazine shares that vintage ‘70s trends have even made their way onto high fashion runways during Milan Fashion Week.

Although styles such as shoulder pads, oversized blazers, and doorknocker earrings have toned down lately, styles from the ‘80s are also making a comeback. Some of my ‘80s favorites are the classic look of denim and sunglasses. Patchwork, acid wash, and floral denim jackets are all seen throughout the Minnetonka hallways as well as on popular celebrities.

Next: Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. In addition to peppering faces from our parents’ high school scrapbooks, these boxy beauties are seen in the aisles of Urban Outfitters.

All the ‘90s trends we love and remember are thriving again in the 21st century. Grunge chains, chokers, and crop-tops are back into style with old band t-shirts and dark lip liner. Walking into H&M, one trend you can’t miss is the matching blazer and skirt suits. The iconic Clueless look of plaid and yellow matching outfits can be seen throughout popular culture, though people are still wishing for a computer to pick out the perfect outfit. High heels, platform Vans and Converse are now found in stores throughout any mall.

Mom jeans are now the most comfortable and fashionable pants around and match well with almost any sort of top, from oversized sweaters to crop tops. Hopefully, this ‘90s trends will never be forgotten, especially now that our high school generations have begun restyling this infamous trend.
Popular writer and fashionista on social media, Bailey Diamond, said, “current fashion is also making these older styles newer by adding current aspects to vintage outfits. No matter if you like combining sneakers with your prom dress or bell bottoms with couture, fashion is not so much a definition of the time but the definition of self-expression.”

This fashion crossover concept is super trendy and can be unique.

You can spice up your outfits by combining different decades with other current trends. Imagine this: bell bottom jeans from the ‘70s, possibly with flowers or embroidered details, with a modern crop-top or tube top. Top it off with some platform sneakers that were all the rage in the ‘90s. Accessorize the outfit with a pair of big, round sunglasses from the ‘70s, poofy earrings from the ‘80s, and other twists based on personal styles.

Juliet Dise, ‘22, loves retro trends. She loves to participate in old fashioned trends because “[she’s] always loved things from generations that [she] wasn’t alive for, since [she] was super little.”

Dise likes to shop at thrift stores such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army to find her style. She also enjoys specialty stores like B-Squad Vintage, and Center For Lost Objects in Uptown because they sell actual items from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.

Old fashion trends are coming back and have a large influence on popular clothes and styles today. More and more high school and college students are taking part in these trends, taking the classic vintage styles of the late twentieth century and transforming them into part of the modern street style. Whether you have been rocking these trends since they first became popular or going to the thrift store is your new hobby, embrace the looks and make them yours.

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