Ms. Stout: Counselor Turned Dean

Aarya Dev, Managing Editor, Feature

Many might recognize Jennifer Stout’s name from the counseling office, or from personally knowing her as a counselor. Either way, Stout has been a positive and prominent part of the MHS school community for the past four years. Recently, Stout became one of the two new Deans of Student Affairs at Minnetonka High School. So, who is Stout?

Stout grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota with her family and attended St. Cloud Technical High. In high school, she competed on the Cross Country and Dance teams and was a part of the Supporting Healthy Decisions club. 

After graduating in 2004, she attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Paul, MN where she majored in Psychology. 

“[Gustavus] was where I met some of my closest friends who I am still in touch with,” said Stout. “I was able to pursue many opportunities for leadership and getting involved within the school.” 

Stout participated in a peer tutoring program and was a Gusty Greeter, a role similar to that of a First Mate at MHS. 

After graduating from Gustavus in 2008, Stout went on an AmeriCorps year of service in Oregon. She then went on to receive her Masters Degree in education and counseling at the University of Wisconsin in River Falls. 

After working at a nonprofit for a couple of years, Stout came to Minnetonka High School in 2017 and became the counselor for Bec-De. She had been to MHS before as a guest speaker but was excited to join the community in a more permanent way. Stout loved how many opportunities and programs were available to students, and she loved getting to be a part of the team that supported MHS students during their four years.

“I loved having Ms. Stout as my counselor,” said Lukas Charbonnet, ‘22. “She was always kind and took the time to listen to whatever I needed the past three years.”

Over the past years she’s spent at MHS and during her time as a student, Stout has gained a lot of insight about having a good experience at school. 

“It’s important to spread out and make connections as well as making memories,” said Stout. “Remember that high school can be different for everyone, so making it specific to what you want to be is the best way to ensure you have the best time socially and academically.” 

She encourages students to use the resources at MHS to find what lights them up and follow it.

Stout is now located in the Office of Student Affairs down in room 1003 and can be reached through email if any students are looking to speak with her. Ms. Seldon is the new counselor for Bec-De students, and she can be found in the counselor’s office.