Fun Ways To Spend Time With Loved Ones This Winter

Ella Roberts, Staff Writer

Given that Minnesota is one of the coldest states in the country, it can be difficult not only to find enjoyable outdoor activities, but to do so without getting frostbite. However, Minnesota provides communities with tons of fun winter activities that one can enjoy with their friends and family. Some of these activities include downhill skiing, ice skating and snow tubing. 

To start, a classic winter activity that many enjoy is downhill skiing. Not only is skiing a great way to get some Vitamin D, but it is a great way to exercise, especially in the midst of the pandemic. One might be surprised to learn that there are multiple popular ski areas less than an hour away from Minnetonka. Just a few of these areas are Hyland Hills, Buck Hill and Afton Alps. 

Meghan Jurgens, ‘23, said that “skiing allows [her] to feel free and in the moment.” 

As long as one has the right gear and they can stay warm, skiing during this time of year can be a fantastic outdoor sport.

Besides skiing, another fun activity during the winter here in Minnetonka is ice skating. Not only can one indoor ice skate at an arena, but they can also ice skate on frozen Lake Minnetonka or other outdoor ice arenas. A benefit of ice skating is that one is able to incorporate other activities into skating. One example of this is ice hockey. In Minnetonka, one is able to rent figure and hockey skates at the Plymouth Ice Center and the Minnetonka Ice Arena.

Another thrilling winter activity is snow tubing. Snow tubing is one activity that might not be as popular, simply because it can be hard to find areas to tube. However, a well-known place to snow tube is Buck Hill, only a thirty-minute drive away from Minnetonka. 

A Buck Hill manager said that “all ages snow tube at Buck Hill, and everyone always has a great time.”

For two hours of tubing, prices can range from $24-$29 – not too bad, right? Along with this, Intermountain Healthcare reported that, on average, one can burn 500 calories an hour snow tubing. We can all agree that it is tough finding ways to stay active in the winter–snow tubing is the answer. Instead of staying inside, why not spend time outside alone or with friends or family?

Overall, it is clear that Minnesota has far more to offer than cold weather. There are many winter activities not only for high school students, but for all ages. The large variety of activities ensure that there is always a new passion around the corner to be discovered.

With the pressure of a new semester, schedule and so much more, these outdoor activities are the perfect way for MHS students to take their minds off of academic stress and enjoy all that the state has to offer.