Historical Highlights

Sarah Johnsen, Staff Writer

1992 Oscars 

In 1992, Jack Palance won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work on City Slickers and dedicated his podium time to proving that age is just a number. The 72-year-old’s speech was filled with humor and the crowd went wild as he imitated a conversation between two producers as they considered the casting of an older person. “Let’s look at some younger ones,” he said, “we can make them look older, but this one, you know, it’s kind of difficult.” Palance then went on to show he was more than capable by leaving the mic stand behind and showing off a few one-armed push-ups. “That’s nothing really,” he said, just a little out of breath.  

“He’s quite a guy!” said Arlette Egan, a resident at Deephaven Woods Senior Living. She remembers Palance’s name well from his popularity in the 1950s and 60s.  

“I think he was just trying to be himself, be thankful for the award, and I don’t think he was really acting. And that’s good!”


2009 VMAs
Simran Kaur

During the 2009 VMAs, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift shared a special moment after Kanye West attempted to steal Swift’s spotlight. 

Walking up to the stage, Swift was ecstatic to be receiving her first MTV Video Music Award – Best Female Video for her hit song You Belong With Me. She’d just started her acceptance speech when West took the microphone. 

“Imma let you finish,” he said, “but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time.”The crowd boos. The camera shows Beyoncé’s shock at the comment, and after West hands back the microphone Swift is quiet and uncomfortable. 

Later in the night when Beyoncé wins the award for Best Music Video for her pop hit Single Ladies, she invites Swift back on stage to get her time in the spotlight. The two women hug and Taylor completes her speech. Later that night Swift tells a reporter, “I thought I couldn’t love Beyoncé more, and then tonight happened and it was just wonderful.” 


2022 Oscars

At the end of the 2022 Oscars, Lady Gaga helped legendary actress Liza Minnelli present the award for Best Picture. Minnelli, 76, appeared in a wheelchair and was excited to be part of the celebration. Gaga pointed to the cheering crowd and said, “See that? The public, they love you.”

As Millenni started speaking, she started to stumble over her words and had trouble staying on track. Gaga knelt down and whispered “I got you,” before they presented the award together. 

“I thought it was really sweet in the way that [Gaga] went about it,” said Mirbella Kilner, ‘23. “It allowed Liza to be able to add to the conversation and not maybe feel as overwhelmed.”