Women’s Lacrosse Prepares for the Season: Making Every Second Count

Lacrosse began as an entirely male sport that was played by Native Americans in the early 1600’s. It was known as stickball and spread from the Algonquian tribe to the eastern half of the United States and western Great Lakes. It slowly began to develop around North America and now is played as a common recreational sport for both men and women.

The first girls lacrosse team is said to have been in Scotland in 1890. It began as a school team sport that eventually became a club sport, too.

For those unfamiliar with the sport of lacrosse, teams are made up of twelve players plus a goalie. It is played with a lacrosse stick that has a small basket on the end. The players, catch, throw and shoot with their sticks into a goal. Like many sports, the aim is to get as many goals as possible to win. High school lacrosse games are typically played in four quarters, adding up to about 60 minutes of play.

 The Girls Lacrosse season is approaching rapidly at Minnetonka High School. The girls have been training for the beginning of the season all winter. They are led by Captain Minnie Bittell, ‘19, who constantly reminds the team that “it’s not supposed to be easy,” and this pushes everyone further than they thought they could go. She motivates the team to keep going and push for the win.

“I never think about giving anything less than 100% because I know that my team is counting on me,” says Courtney Youngquist, ‘22.

 The girls practice their stick handling skills twice a week and work on their cardio base three times a week. On top of many practices a week, they also have games two to three days a week once the season is in full swing.

“It is not easy to get in shape for a sport in the winter especially,” says Annabelle Hommer, ‘22. “It takes a lot of motivation and a love for the sport to want to work on it outside of the season.”

Although the season is only two months long, the girls make every second count when they are playing because they know that their time is limited. One of the team’s numerous goals this year is to start games and finish games at the same intensity.

Come support the Girls Lacrosse team this year at all their home games.