Outdoor Spring Activities

Ming Wei Yeoh, Staff Writer

Though the winters in Minnesota are harsh, there is always springtime to look forward to. Whether it be with the company of friends, family, or on your own, there are many different activities to do outdoors in these warmer months. 

Emma Nevala, ‘24, describes herself as a “kind of” active person. For someone who is typically active every day for three seasons of the year, she definitely appears to be active. Her favorite activity is to go on bike rides, which she does every afternoon, and she occasionally goes on walks as well. Though she recognizes the various types of exercise that can be gotten at home or at the gym, she has a personal preference for the outdoors.

“You get to breathe fresh air and get Vitamin D,” she said, “and it’s entertaining, I guess.” 

Her favorite activity to do outside in spring is biking, though she enjoys it during the summer and fall as well. 

She described biking as a versatile activity that is not limited to a certain number of participants. 

“You could do it with others, which I do sometimes. But I usually do it alone,” she said.

As an only child with two busy parents, Nevala often spends time by herself after school. Biking is a hobby she is passionate about and about which she feels the most joy. She talked briefly about the maintenance that goes into her bicycle, the type and brand she owns, as well as the different parts of her bike, all of which she has a lot of interest in. 

When asked if there were any other outdoor activities she wanted to try that she hadn’t yet, Nevala said that she would like to try running. 

“I want to try it, but I’m not good at it,” she said, laughing. 

Nevala also offered her top suggestions for MHS students looking for some outdoor exercises to participate in while the warm weather lasts. 

She said, “I think biking is a whole lot easier than running, and it’s really fun.” 

In addition, she said that walking and running were also great options.  

An article from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health said, “A systematic review of studies comparing indoor versus outdoor activity conducted in natural environment suggests that outdoor activity which is conducted in a natural or green environment causes greater feelings of revitalisation and positive engagement.” 

Studies show that spending time outside relieves feelings of stress, anger and depression, as well as generally lifts self-esteem. Outdoor activity has been proven to be universally beneficial to humans’ psychological health. 

In a time where many high school students are weighed down with impending exams and extracurricular activities, taking a break and getting some exercise outside can be immensely helpful. It can take one’s mind off of stressful thoughts and keep the body in a healthy condition.