Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Day — How to Prevent Stress this School Year


Art Courtesy of Ariana Moe

Amelia Klemme, Staff Writer

Back to school stress affects plenty of people. Nervousness about new classes and people, losing freetime and sleep and everything else that comes with starting a new year of school is normal. Two months into the school year, that type of stress doesn’t always go away. Instead it switches focus and unfortunately, gets worse. 

Many students have problems with extreme stress and anxiety related to school at some point in time. Causes vary from fear of not having enough friends to school workload and  extracurriculars. 

“Many of the common factors that I see play a part with students who experience anxiety are related to school performance anxiety, social anxiety and general feelings of being overwhelmed,” says MHS psychologist Dr. Hirsch.                        

However there are a lot of different ways to help manage stress and anxiety when it comes to school, including exercising everyday, spending time in nature or hanging out with friends. Making a routine and balancing your day can also be helpful, especially by using a planner to organize and manage expectations. Even doing small things like taking deep breaths and taking short study breaks can help reduce stress levels.

Something that is often overlooked, when it comes to stress factors, is the effect of food on your mental health. Sugar and processed foods can lead to inflammation throughout the body including the brain, contributing to increased anxiety. Even though during difficult times, it’s often processed foods we reach for in hopes of helping with the stress, instead we should try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost our mental health.

“More importantly,” Dr. Hirsch says, “make sure to reach out to trusted adults at home or school when you feel like your stress is too much.”

At Minnetonka High School we are fortunate to have many useful resources at our fingertips to help our mental health. All of the counselors in the counseling office are very willing to help when a problem arises with mental health. Scan the QR code outside the counseling office to easily schedule an appointment if you are looking for guidance in improving your mental health.

There’s no end to stressors that are either coming from or worsened by school, but there are ways to reduce stress when it comes your way, so next time you are experiencing stress in your life try taking some deep breaths, or another stress management technique.