Creativity at MHS: The Student Organization Behind Recent Innovations

Anna Geldert, Staff Writer

You may not realize it, but many of the recent changes made at Minnetonka High School are a result of student ideas and planning. The new crosswalk on Frontage road, for example, was all because of a small group of students who were concerned for the safety of their peers. But who is in charge of these changes? A relatively new club at the high school called the Student Innovation Team.

Ann Kaste, co-leader of Student Innovation Team, describes the club as a “wonderful opportunity for students to have an impact around the school.”

The team works together to brainstorm problems, design solutions, and eventually implement their idea into our daily lives at school. For the past three years, the team has worked on projects in all areas, including anything from controlling lunchroom traffic, to developing a print release station, to redesigning one of the study spaces.

“The team looks at how things can be improved for students to have a better experience here,” says Ms. Kaste, describing how helpful it has been to have the student body involved in the innovation process.

“Mr. Erickson and the other administrators are very interested in hearing the student voice,” she said.

A third-year member of Student Innovation Team, Anna Sagrillo, ‘20, described her involvement in the club.

“Last year and this year I’ve had more of a leadership role,” Sagrillo said. “I hold a position where I can give advice and experience from previous years.”

Sagrillo was one of the students involved in the idea for the new crosswalk, and has also worked alongside General Mills to determine some of the design features that appeal to consumers.

“They gave us a problem to work on and had us present our findings,” she recalled from her work with General Mills. “It was overall just a really successful group project.”

Both Sagrillo and Ms. Kaste encourage students to join Student Innovation Team as a way to get involved with the school and the community. They describe it as both an amazing leadership position and an incredible learning experience.

If you are interested in joining the club, check your inboxes this coming spring for an email from Mr. Erickson regarding the club, which will provide information on how to register for the 2019-2020 school year.