Are High School Students Still Following Halloween Traditions?

Lauren Lamb, Staff Writer

As the day gets nears, MHS students prepare for Halloween. The amount of enthusiasm for this spooky holiday varies, but almost everyone participates in some sort of tradition, whether that is going to a party, watching scary movies or trick or treating. Some friends gather together to plan out a fun, relaxed night, while others enjoy the gory, fear-filled aspect of it. A survey was posted on the Minnetonka Breezes Instagram (@minnetonkabreezes), where many students answered questions about their thoughts and opinions on Halloween. According to the poll, roughly 95% of Minnetonka Highschool students still celebrate it. Though there are differing opinions, there’s still one thought that nearly everyone has in common: Halloween is an exciting time of year. 

Many students have favorite activities or traditions that they enjoy doing on Halloween, for example: dressing up. According to the poll, about 80% of students will be wearing a costume this year. Sonja Price, ‘24, said that “dressing up and the history behind it,” is one of her favorite parts, along with “handing out candy and caramel apples.” Many others say that dressing up is one of the highlights of that day too. 

There will be a wide variety of costumes that are being worn on Halloween. Students will be anything from Stitch from Lilo and Stitch to Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. Popular group costumes this year include Velma,   Daphne, Scooby, Shaggy and Fred from Scooby Doo, devil and angel, Harley Quinn and the Joker, and Mario and Luigi. Some interesting solo costumes are vampires, Catwoman and Barbie.

Claire Dolan, ‘23, likes the “costumes, pumpkins and candy.” Mia Elvecrog, ‘23, and her friends “always carve pumpkins.” While some enjoy the more lighthearted and wholesome aspect of the holiday, others prefer the spookier side. Jazmin Westlind, ‘24, enjoys “forcing my friends to watch scary movies with me.” Westlind continues to say it’s “because I’m one of the only people in my friend group that enjoys them.” Halloween is a significant and exciting part of students’ year, and they enjoy spending it with friends, even though they might have differing opinions on the best way to celebrate.

Rather than speak on Halloween, teacher Beth Gibbs spoke on what she loves most about the season. “I love the coziness of it. It gets chilly outside, and the leaves are changing and it’s a nice time to be together.”

On the days leading up to Halloween, students are making plans to enjoy it with family and friends. There are an unlimited amount of exciting, sometimes scary, activities to enjoy.