First Heart Week

Rebecca Ryweck

Heart week at other schools revolve more around the single concept of Valentines Day. While this being my first year at Minnetonka High School as a senior, I have interviewed some students to ask what their first heart week experience was, mostly getting the response of “it’s the week I look forward to in the school year, I feel we need this break the most in this slow month of February.” While I asked others who have been here for a longer amount of time, figuring the more experienced would have a different answer; “this is my fourth heart week, it gets better every year.” Now, I did not interview anyone who opposed the idea of heart week or showed no support. During this 5 day fun, I have opened my eyes to
realize that heart week is so much more than your typical holiday of pink and red hearts. Minnetonka brings students and staff of all grades and ages together for a week of candy, “matchmakers”, games, man pageant, the festive feel, and do not forget the singing telegrams. We might ask ourselves, is this all just for fun and games? A week to focus less on our studies, buy our way out of class, and get the match of matchmakers of our high school career? Of course it is meant to be just that, yet so much more. Having the proceeds from all of these fun holiday spirited activities benefit the families in need just brings out the character our school carries. By doing this, as students we have learned to have fun, in the
midst of putting a hand out to the ones who need it most, really showing the love this Valentines Day.