The Hearts of Men

Siri Olsen

All the week activities lead up to the much-anticipated show on Friday, the man pageant. Nine senior guys will dress up in pink tutus and tight tank tops when they try to dance with their two left feet and answer questions to out do their competition. But why do they embarrass themselves in front of the juniors and seniors, just for the title of Mr. Minnetonka? It is a fundraiser for families in need living in the Minnetonka community when upperclassmen pay seven dollars to buy out of class to go. No one really knows what happens before they take the stage.

For their performances they have a group dance, a question and answer session, a fashion show, and a talent portion. They have to come up with their own, as they call it, talents to perform and show off their not so fancy outfits. The group dance however consists of all the guys on the stage at once trying to be in sync with each other as they look at their neighbor in seek of a hint for the next dance move. The Minnetonka dance captains are also involved in the group dance. They are the ones who put together the music for them to dance to and choreograph the dance. They try to teach them the dance to the best of their ability. They practice the dance for about 3 hours but the time they are actually dancing the correct dance is unknown. During the question and answer session they are always trying to out funny their competition like they do with their posters describing the nine seniors buying to be Mr. Minnetonka hanging in the commons. The fashions they show off are not what you would see during New York fashion week but it is a chance to show off their muscles in tight clothing. The talents are not always talents that will make them the next millionaire but they are proud of the fact they can rap a classic rap from the 90’s.