The Holiday Season Deficit: Why No Thanksgiving Tunes?

Gwen Bowdish

Gwen Bowdish

Colette Benoit, Staff Writer

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Thanksgiving music. A topic that is not mentioned or considered during the holiday season. It is highly probable that many people have never even thought of the prospect of Thanksgiving-themed music; most could not name a single song.  But why is it left out? Is it because of people’s obsession with holiday music, or is it simply because people do not know any Thanksgiving songs?

Riley Semira, ‘22, believes that “Christmas music marks the start of the holiday season.” She readily admits that holiday music fills whatever gap available for Thanksgiving music to fill. She could not name even one Thanksgiving song, but when asked to list winter holiday songs, her answers were never ending.  

Lee Valsvik, a Midday On Air member for the KOOL 108 radio station, holds similar opinions to Riley’s. “I like the nostalgia of hearing Christmas music and I suppose like most of us…listening to a little bit at a time is the best way to approach Christmas and the holidays in general,” she says. Her opinion differed in that she believed holiday should be listened to “little by little,” acknowledging that although the tunes are nostalgic and cheery, holiday music is commonly overplayed.

Valsvik also mentioned that holiday music brings back memories of childhood, family and friends. The songs are generally very traditional, another reason why Thanksgiving music might be easily forgotten. When questioned about why KOOL 108 doesn’t play Thanksgiving music, Valsvik didn’t have a clear answer, although she said she would “have to search out more Thanksgiving songs […] for KOOL108 [for Thanksgiving week],” saying a thank-you for the idea.

The general consensus is that Thanksgiving music isn’t rejected around the holidays; most people simply don’t know any Thanksgiving songs. Additionally, food tends to be the main focus around Thanksgiving, as opposed to more emphasis on music later in the holiday season. Many have expressed interest in hearing more Thanksgiving tunes during the fall and winter months if they’re available, which could be an interesting development to follow over the next few years.

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